Dental Crowns and Bridges in Apex, NC

Damaged teeth can be a real pain, especially if they affect the foods you can eat and your ability to smile. When your teeth sustain damage, we can repair your smile at Olive Chapel Family Dentistry using high-quality dental restorations such as crowns and bridges.

Restoring your teeth allows you to achieve greater confidence and balanced nutrition.

dental crowns apex ncDental Crowns to Protect Your Teeth

A dental crown is a restoration designed to stabilize a damaged or cracked tooth. You may have broken your tooth biting into something, in an accident, or due to deep decay. A dental crown becomes necessary when a filling does not provide enough support to prevent continued damage or tooth loss.

A dental crown covers your tooth from your gum line to the chewing surface. Since it covers your whole tooth, it absorbs some of the force from chewing and keeps your tooth from splitting beyond repair.

Dental Crown Treatment

We first remove any damaged tooth structure, including any decay. Next, we can rebuild your tooth using composite, if necessary. This gives your crown a place to seat effectively. We will take an impression to create your dental crown and a temporary crown to hold you over until your porcelain crown arrives from our dental lab.

Once we receive your permanent crown, we will permanently attach it to your tooth and make any final adjustments necessary to ensure a precise fit with your bite.

Fixed Dental Bridgesdental bridges apex nc

When you unexpectedly lose a tooth, you may have concerns about how to repair your smile. Fixed dental bridges fill in the gap left behind by your missing tooth and give you added confidence in your appearance.

We meticulously match your dental bridge to your natural teeth so your smile is seamless and looks completely natural.

How Dental Bridges Work

In order to create a dental bridge, we need to place supportive crowns on the two adjacent teeth to anchor your false tooth, called a pontic. While dental bridges do not provide the same bone-preserving benefits of dental implants, they do keep your teeth from shifting.

Dental bridges are a good solution for our patients who want an alternative to dental implants. 

Caring for Your Dentistry

Taking care of your dentistry is important when protecting your investment. You can brush and floss a dental crown regularly. A dental bridge will require a little extra effort to keep it clean. You will need to use a small brush or specially designed floss to clean under your dental bridge in order to prevent gum disease.

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