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Is teeth whitening safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? | Apex NC Dentist Your Smile is the Most Expressive Thing About You

If you want a whiter, brighter smile, you are not alone! Your smile is one of the most expressive things about you! It helps convey your emotions and express friendship, warmth, and love.

Having a white smile can add confidence in all you do. A smile you feel proud of is important, and a whiter smile is an affordable way to achieve your goal!

The Process of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is safe for most healthy patients when done under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Dr. Prusik can determine if your oral health is stable enough to whiten your teeth and will also recommend the type of whitening that will work best for you. We will take a before-and-after shade of your teeth so we can monitor your progress. Since the changes will happen over time, you may not notice how dramatically your smile improves.

Expected Results

Most people do not experience side effects when it comes to whitening their teeth. If you do experience sensitivity or sore gums, simply give us a call and we can discuss ways to whiten your teeth comfortably. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly. Using too much whitening gel may cause gum irritation or worsen sensitivity.

Depending on your level of staining, you can expect up to eight shades of improvement once your treatment is complete.

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