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When Should I Take My Child for Their First Dentist Visit?

November 25, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Dustin J. Prusik

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children first visit the dentist by age one or when the first baby tooth appears, whichever comes first.

These appointments allow your pediatric dentist to monitor your child’s early dental development and ensure they’re progressing properly. However, these visits are as much about developing a relationship between your child and the dentist as they are oral health.

A Positive Experience for Kids Is Crucial

It's crucial your child's first dental visit is happy and stress-free and leaves them with nothing but positive feelings. The first few visits don’t often involve treatment and are a non-threatening way for your child to get accustomed to the new experience of being at a dental office.

Your Child’s First Dental Exam

It’s best to take things slowly, and your child’s dental team knows how to lower the stress level for an enjoyable visit. They’ll take your child on a tour of the office, offer them a ride in the dental chair, count their teeth, and let them look in the little mirror.

Your children’s dentist in Apex, NC, is experienced in treating children and knows how to approach them to help them feel safe and secure. A technique called “tell, show, do” is very effective with young children. First, we “tell” them what we’re going to do; next, we “show” them the instruments we’ll use; and finally, we “do” or perform the task.

The dentist will perform a brief dental exam to ensure baby teeth are developing properly and get your child used to the dentist looking in their mouth.

We Welcome Your Questions!

Your child’s first few dental visits are the perfect opportunity to ask our team your questions about oral hygiene, nutrition, and habits like thumb-sucking or bottle feeding. Our dental team is very knowledgeable, and their goal is to work with you and your child to help them develop positive oral habits that last a lifetime.

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit with Us!

If you would like to schedule your child’s first visit with our children’s dentist in Apex, NC, please call Olive Chapel Family Dentistry. We look forward to welcoming you!

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