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Dental Crowns – What the Procedure Looks Like

August 26, 2021
Posted By: Olive Chapel Family Dentistry
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When your dentist in Apex, NC recommends installing a dental crown, some thoughts may flash across your mind. Perhaps you’ll recall that when Jack fell down, he broke his crown, but you’d be thinking of the wrong kind of crown. So, what exactly is a dental crown, and why do you need it? Is it going to be a huge production getting it put in? The answers to those questions are actually pretty straightforward.

Dental Crowns for Missing or Damaged Teeth

Put simply, a dental crown is installed on a tooth that has suffered some damage, like a fracture or extensive decay beyond what a normal filling can address. Dental crowns are custom designed and fitted to replace your entire tooth structure with a restoration that, in most cases, will match its natural look. Your Apex dentist will ensure that your crown is done well, and your tooth will be saved.

Procedure for Crowns at Olive Chapel Family Dentistry

Depending on the reason, the dental crown procedure will usually require a couple of visits. On your first sitting, Dr. Dustin Prusik, DDS will prepare your tooth, starting by numbing the area to minimize your discomfort. Then, he will take an impression of your tooth to ensure a good match with your natural teeth in shape and color. Next, using precision instruments to remove the broken and decayed parts of the tooth, he will create the ideal foundation for your new crown. If a root canal is required, your dentist will remove and seal the inner parts of your tooth to prevent any further issues. Finally, a temporary crown will be fitted to protect the work while professionals construct a durable, permanent crown in a lab.

After a week or two, you’ll return to our dentist's office to get your finished dental crown. Dr. Prusik will check for a proper fit and make sure your bite is aligned. Then, he will cement the permanent crown in place, and voila! You’re done. At Olive Chapel Family Dentistry, our expertise makes the entire procedure easy and stress-free.

Caring for Your Tooth Crown

You’ll maintain your new crown in much the same way as your natural teeth, brushing, flossing, and avoiding grinding your teeth or misusing them to hold or open things – buy a multi-tool or a bottle opener for that. However, don’t hesitate to communicate any questions or concerns to Dr, Prusik and his caring staff. They are more than happy to offer any support you need. With proper care, your new dental crown may complement your smile for many years. 

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