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What Is Better, Root Canal or a Tooth Extraction?

May 20, 2022
Posted By: Olive Chapel Family Dentistry
A man getting a root canal in Apex, NC

If your tooth is at risk for loss due to infection or trauma, a root canal in Apex, NC, is preferable to extraction. And your dentist will do everything possible to save it.

Root Canals vs. Extractions

A root canal is a way to treat deep tooth infections and trauma to relieve pain, restore oral health, and prevent loss. If you need a root canal, your dentist uses anesthesia to alleviate pain and keep you comfortable during the process.

Once the area is anesthetized, we remove the infected material from the tooth’s center and fill the hole with temporary material to prevent reinfection. At a future appointment, we provide a permanent filling or a tooth crown, depending on the stability of the tooth.

A tooth-colored filling restores aesthetics and keeps the tooth healthy. But if the infection has weakened the structure, a dental crown is the only way to keep it safe from fracture.

Your dentist recommends tooth extraction only if the tooth is damaged beyond repair or you decide you’d rather have it pulled. In this case, we also numb the area and gently remove the tooth.

We strongly encourage tooth replacement like a dental implant following removal. A new tooth helps keep your smile healthy and aligned. And it allows you to chew your food better.

Preventing Tooth Infections and Trauma

Most root infections result from deep decay or lack of dental care. To lower your risks, brush, floss, and visit your dentist on schedule. If you’re athletic, always wear a mouthguard, and talk to your dentist if you grind your teeth (bruxism).

Contact Your Dentist in Apex, NC

Root infections can cost you your tooth, so contact us at the first signs of infection—toothache and swelling.

If you have a broken or damaged tooth or suspect an infection, reach out to a team member as soon as possible for guidance.

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