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What will happen during my root canal procedure?

Despite the rumors, root canal therapy is a standard procedure that is not typically painful. In fact, the area your dentist works on will be numb!

More good news: root canals in Apex, NC relieve pain as opposed to causing it.

Root Canal Treatment for Pain Relief

If you need a root canal, it means you have had past trauma to your tooth or a root infection that is likely causing you pain. Your jaw near the pain site may be swollen, and you may notice a blister on your gum.

Root canal therapy finds your Apex dentist gently numDiagram of tooth with root infection near Apex NCbing the area around your infected or damaged tooth. After the numbing takes hold, your dentist pulls the root and pulp from your tooth; removing these infected bits eases your pain.

After extraction of the root and pulp, your dentist relies on a healing agent and transitory filling to keep the area clean. At your next dental visit, we fill the tooth or cap it with a dental crown, the latter if the tooth is weak following infection.

Our tooth crowns match your teeth in color, shape, and size.

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