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Can you repair a broken dental crown in Apex, NC?

In some instances, we can repair a broken crown. In situations where the fracture is significant, however, repair may not be an option.

Repairing Dental Crowns in Apex, NC Digital graphic of dental crown replacing tooth in Apex NC

Dental crowns have several uses in dentistry, including:

  • Capping a weak or damaged tooth
  • Concealing tooth flaws, including discoloration
  • Topping a dental implant post
  • Anchoring a dental bridge

Dental crowns in Apex, NC—much like teeth—absorb a lot of impact from chewing, which means that eventually, a dental crown can chip or fracture.

In some cases, your dentist can repair a broken dental crown in Apex, NC with composite resin—the same material used to bond teeth and fill cavities. Your dentist spreads the resin over the crack or fracture, shapes it to conceal the break, uses a special light to set the material, and then finishes up with a polish.

However, if the crown is severely damaged—due to an impact injury, for example, your dentist may recommend a new dental crown.

Remember, with proper care—visiting your dentist regularly and brushing and flossing daily—dental crowns can last for many years!

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